WordPress Stats and Numbers

– I admit to being totally biased towards WordPress and this page will show you why.

The Representation of Word-press as a Core Website Option

The usage of WordPress has been growing from year to year simply because it is such a fantastic content management system.

It is well supported by the developers.

It is well supported by the plug in community

It is easy to work with.

It is FREE!

The Percentage of WordPress Online
WP Platform usage

Content Management System Platform numbers

WordPress used to be seen as a blogging platform only, but with content becoming so important and fresh content ranking very well – it has become the go-to website platform o choice for many of the larger corporations, and millions of smaller business owners.

With people being so spoiled for choice in every department, those other CMS website systems have lost to race to dominance by far.

It is only the old school courses that still cling to other outdated and bad systems.

All the different access methods

OK, so the web is still doing the bulk of the heavy lifting online, but mobile usage has grown at a massive rate and a quality mobile view of your website is vital for your business.

WordPress delivers there too.

  • Web 98% 98%
  • iOS Devices 31% 31%
  • Android 30% 30%
  • Android Tablets 18% 18%
  • Desktop App 12% 12%

Have Your Heard of WordPress?

29.3% Say YES

29 percent
WP Downloads per Year
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