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I am Robert Bruce Anderson and I own the Website Design Business – Designsmith. I am based in Buccleuch Sandton

I would like to add a few short paragraphs here as to why you get an advantage to your business when you use Designsmith to build your website.

What qualifies me to be an expert on website design?

I have been doing full time internet marketing online for 6 years. The idea has always been to design and build my own affiliate marketing websites, and while I have done some of that – I drifted towards building sites and training business owners instead.

In the beginning I was just telling friends and family, but after awhile word of mouth got me busier and busier to the point where it is almost all I do.

It is the total of the years of experience that qualifies me to do your website.

I do not do old fashioned HTML or PHP websites, I do not do Joomla – they are all old and out dated.

I do premium WordPress CMS websites.

Why would being a local Buccluech resident and business help you as a business owner.

Any website I build for anywhere in the world will be top class, but if you are a business that is going to be targeting anywhere in South Africa, or especially local search here in Sandton or Johannesburg you will get an added bonus from the fact that I know the local people, I will be in a position to help you get the maximum amount of buyer targeting to get the best results from your efforts.

Let me just use a single example here that is almost uniquely South African…

Almost every single person in this country is extremely suspicious and if you tried to walk up to a strangers car window at the traffic lights and told them that they would get a free SUV car if they came to a presentation of yours 99% will brush you off as a thief.

We as South Africans (especially here in Sandton) are hammered 30 times a day by beggars, scam artists, canvassers etc.

We simply just say no. LOL

But that makes it very hard for you as a business owner to get the attention of your prospective buyer.

That is where I come in – I know how to get you leads and it is only your faith in me and your budget holding you back right now 🙂

I know exactly how to get your website to rank for 500 local search keyword terms.

I will tell you that is is easy. Yup easy for me, I have been doing it for 5 or 6 years, but it is also very time consuming.

Some businesses will rank for the 20 important keywords in two weeks and not need much more work to be done to the website, and other business niches will need a constant barrage of content to keep their spot in the search engine results pages.

So, what next?

I suggest that you read up more about me via this site and my other websites


You could just contact me and have a chat about this whole thing. Probably the easiest way. Depending upon how busy I am at the time we could even get going fast if that is what you need.

Call me here 082 572 5446 or 011 656 9018

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