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What are the advantages of being local as a website designer?
What advantages do I get because I am a local sandton resident?

My services remain the same no matter where you are in the world, but by being local Sandton resident, you get two big advantages.

The first is that I compete in the local search market and am therefore well aware as to what levels of optimization is needed to rank your website.

Plus I know your buyer – I stand in queues with them at Pick and Pay, the movies and at the same intersections daily.

Secondly – and this is perhaps the most important – Because of proximity I can do personal one on one training for whoever is going to maintain your website in the future.

This alone is priceless.

Do I get any special bonuses because of the Sandton connection?

Technically – no, your services and packages remain the same as it would be unfair for me to not allow clients who are further away the same services.

However as mentioned already, you can get real person to person meetings, and the training done in an over-the-shoulder manner is likely to be better for the client.

Larger files with graphics etc could easily be delivered to me in a memory stick format making the exchange of data easier.

I do offer referral perks (which we would need to discuss) and being local it becomes easier for you to refer me and this could either earn your cash or credit for my services.

How hard is it to rank for Sandton buyer keywords?

This is a very good question as the Sandton buying power is easily within the top three financial nodes in South Africa

Any website design that is competing for buyers is always going to need all the newest optimization methods to be in a position to beat your competition.

However because I have skills that are capable of ranking a website in the more competitive American market, and the fact that the South African business owners are still very far behind as far as getting websites ranked for important keywords it makes it easy for me to rank for great keywords.

Obviously there are a few website designers that are already targeting this sort of local search and buyer keyword groups, but by and large most website designers are so far behind that they do not even know a tenth of what they should know to rank for a competitive keyword.

It will not be long before those old school website designers are shown to be using outdated methods and get their contracts terminated.

Google search changes almost daily – and you need your website to be set up for the newest SEO and website designing methods.

If I get a smaller package to start can I increase it as we go along?

The easy answer to this question is yes. But there is a bit more to it than that.

Let me explain what could happen.

You contract me to build you a 10 page website, but do not start with the social and local search part of the package included.

This would mean that if I have already optimized (published it as set it up properly) the content it would mean that I would have to return to do modification to that piece of content if you add the social or local search stuff later.

This is not really a huge issue, but there will be a slight adjustment to the prices if you split a package and then add the second bit later on.

if I optimise my website for Sandton - will it still rank for the rest of the country?

This is a great question, and the easy answer is yes.

However I need to make something very clear.

To get any aspect of your website to rank for any keyword or part of the country, requires that I do a series of tweaks to your page or post.

There are rare occasions where your content will rank automatically – like your company name or brand names and even for long tailed keyword searches.

so the long answer is that every keyword term that you would like to rank for within your website will probably need a certain level of linking and optimization.

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