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Our websites look good and get you buyer leads

If you are looking for a decent web design company near you – you are at the right place.

Now, firstly I should tell you that you do not really need to be within driving distance of your web developer or web designer.


Well the skills that a decent designer can bring to your business is not determined by area, but by the knowledge and experience of that web designer.

More Detail?

A decent web designer needs to know how to design a website

Plus they need to know how to get it to navigate well, so that a prospect feels the need to call you.

Plus a quality website designer will definitely know SEO details, like page stacking, internal linking, schema mark-up, Meta tags, keyword research, on page optimisation and a dozen other massively important factors.

Just building a common (but very pretty) website will never be enough to do what a website is supposed to do – bring your business leads.

Sandton | Gauteng | Pretoria | Johannesburg web design companies near me

In my opinion, it hardly matters if you are in London, New York or Cape Town – the search for a web designer near me is likely to find you the same quality designer – or if you are lucky (and you are) you will have found me. In all my humility LOL

Seriously, I have 8 years experience in the entire online marketing spectrum, and that makes it safe for you to use me to be your web designer, simply because I will produce a website for you that actually looks great, navigates well, and more importantly brings you leads. Buyer leads.

This very page that you have found is a perfect example of my abilities to get your business leads.


Well because you found me didn’t you? And are you not looking for a decent website developer?

I have set this page up to get leads from the keywords “web design near me”, but at the same time will have a string of related keywords that will bring me in phone calls. These will be keywords like…

  • Web design
  • Web design companies
  •  Website designers near me
  • Web design in my area
  • Web design nearby
  • Website developers near me
  • Web developers nearby
  • And a whole lot more.

I do not want to list too many of the keyword permutations, but they can run into the hundreds.

Naturally, the amount of real searches that are done will still be the limiting factor to how many calls your website could expect.

But that is exactly why you need an experienced web designer who knows exactly how to do the research for those buyer keywords.

Plus the designer needs to do responsive navigating to bring the visitors to a point where they want to phone you.

Can you see why you need me yet?

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions relating to finding the perfect website design company

web designers near me

Now let me rather go into answering those questions that you do need to ask about the web design company near you that you are looking for

Where to find web designer near me?

This keyword string that you used to find me is a powerful SEO term. I will show you how to use similar keyword terms for your local business. Let me show you how to drive all the local business leads directly to you and your business. Near me, nearby, in my area are all related keyword terms for this method. Ask me how to do it for your business.

Is it important for the web designer to actually be near me or in my area?

Local knowledge is a power help, but then the skills that a good SEO orientated website designer can bring to the table is far more important to the success of your website and online marketing.

So, the answer is this – if your designer is on the opposite side of the world, and knows their stuff, and then they are a far better choice for your business.

Which is better, a web designer or programmer?

In truth, if you have made contact with a designer or developer that is dwelling on the subject then you need to find another person or business to do your website.

Your business website needs to be WordPress – 100% certain – it needs to look great 100% certain – it needs to navigate perfectly – IE get the visitor to take action – 100% certain – It needs to be built with very carefully done systems like keywords, SEO etc

Which web design software should I use for my company website?

This is an easy answer WordPress is the first choice.

Sometimes Shopify can be better. Set up a meeting with me – in person or on Skype and I will look into your businesses needs for you to make a safe decision.

What is the web designer’s role in my website design?

Well quite a few people ask this question (I researched it) and to be honest I am not too sure how to reply.

Remember that your web designer could easily do 100% of your website. They could do everything from the content creation, the images to design concepts to the building of the site to all the SEO and marketing aspects of the website. BUT, this level of work from a good designer could be more than $7000.00. Therefore it pays for you (as a company) to do as much of the repetitive work as possible – Content creation and more.

Perhaps the right answer for this question is this – a good web designer will advise you on all the best practices to use in your website design. They will also get you to use WordPress.

What criteria should I use to choose a web design company?

The most important part of your website design is definitely the underlying SEO part. The prettiest website with bad or no SEO will be useless. It is far better to have an ugly website that gets traffic.

BUT, you should mix in all the following items into your decision-making process.

Their total understanding of all things marketing – From your GMB (Google My Business) listing to your social media and right back to the internal structure of your website and how it actually works.

It would be nice if they could also do nice looking designs.

Then very good navigation is a point that could double your turnover. You need to get the entire website to make a client take actions when visiting your website.

Finally, a point that people think is important – PRICE.

I believe that a great price with a bad designer is a waste of money.

A very expensive website that will bring in hundreds of targeted leads forever is a far better investment for your business. You do need to be careful though with the pricing, as I know of many designers who look great on paper, charge a lot of money and jut give a business-card-type website design in the end.

Why choose a professional web designer at all?

LOL, a joke question thrown in – right?

Why would you get your neighbours wife to do the catering for your only child wedding? Or would you?

Would you entrust the running of your business to a school boy while you go on holiday?

Never, right?

Do the job right and reap rewards forever.

How much does an average website cost?

The short answer is between $2000.00 and $4000.00 for a 20 page website with a lot of the good stuff built in.

However sometimes it can be double that if your demands are for a unique website that needs to run on bio fuel or something weird.

Equally I can do a 3 page website (a premium one too) for you for free with a few strings attached.

Most of my websites start at a $1000.00 price. It is hard to give you a decent SEO structure for less.

Is it enough to just have a 5 page website?

No. Unless you never want any organic traffic for free from Google.

But if you would like all the free search engine traffic that is available to your niche, then you will need a website that more than likely will need at least 30 pages, and 100 will be more like what it would really need.

How to contact me right now?

I only do three websites for clients at a time. Please use the contact me page to ask for more details from me.