Your website loading speed test done live.

This is a live example of the settings needed to speed up a website – and why you need to get it done.

The speeds that your website loads when opened online makes a massive difference to your websites ranking on the search engines.

Let me explain why you need to make sure that your website is efficient and why it needs to load fast, and then I will show you a video where I go into this very website and adjust the settings to increase the loading speeds.

Website speed tests or website performance tests as far as how fast that website loads make a huge difference to your business’s profitability.


Well, if you are on page one for all your buyer keywords, then your phone will be ringing all the time and your bank account will remain full.

But, if your website is handicapped by slow site loading speeds, it will be penalised by Google and not appear at the top of the search engine results pages. This will obviously be a problem.

Now, there are other factors that affect your website’s ranking, like how long people stay on that page of your website and more and those are subjects for another post.

Today, I was working on my site and decided to check the speeds and saw they were slow and decided to record what I did and show you how I improved the Google page speed loading times on my site.

See this video here


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