5 Obvious Ways To Get More Leads

5 Obvious Ways To Get More Leads

SEO Johannesburg professionalThis is not meant to be a fancy post with tons of details in it, but I get asked the same questions every day and thought that perhaps I should put the answers down here in a post.

This is all about getting rankings and more for your business. Rankings that will get your phone ringing all day.

There are 6 ways to get more leads for your business.

The obvious one is to advertise.

This is a tried and tested method and comes with some really great features.

In the “old days” the nearest you could niche down to your perfect buyer would be a magazine that might be where that person is a reader or a related newspaper. This was a costly method, but it did work OK.

Now you can go online and pay for very highly targeted adverts that can segment your potential buyers by using hundreds of modifiers and end up with your advert beeing placed in front of the perfect prospect. The bad part of this is a learning curve that could be costly, and the obvious fact that you have to keep on paying for traffic forever.

Another positive aspect is that you will not need the services of a person like myself who is an expert at the art of SEO, and will have you building out a lot of content and more over a 6 month period before your site starts to rank organically.

Then you get referrals and word of mouth.

This one is the best method of getting hot buyer clients because they will be sent to you via a previous client that is happy.

The obvious parts of this are you need ex-clients, and you need them to be happy.

If you have a lot of these, then you could add in social media as part of the referral system and become extremely busy. Well done if you have all this.

Another great way is networking all the time.

The fine art of networking is something that doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people and needs constant work to maintain.

If your business is the type that works well with networking then this is an important aspect of your marketing. If – for example – you were a kitchen manufacturer, then you should be well connected with all the related industries, plumbers, appliance people etc.

If your business is big enough then it would pay you to employ a professional in-house PR person for this exact task.

Then you get social media – which is just a combination of networking and referrals –  but online

Social media is amazing and grows and changes all the time.

BUT, while it can be a fantastic way to grow awareness of your services or products, you need to keep this method of marketing under firm control.

Plus – if done right, it is another thing that should have a full-time person working in-house on this side all the time.

Watch out, it can also backfire on you in a bad way. Negative marketing is becoming commonplace on social media. I see threats and complaints almost every day.

On the positive side? When done right it can bring you in a flood of customers. This is a little niche specific though, so it would depend on your niche.

Then you get organic search results online. This is a big one.

EVERY business, every top manager should have a powerful online ORGANIC presence.

You see, no matter what you do, your business is going to rank for something over time online. If you are not controlling that then you are behaving really stupidly.

Plus it is so easy to work at targeting buyer keywords and when done right will keep your phone ringing forever.

It is a little costly for the first 6 months or year, but after that, you can tick it over with a lot less spending and you will be able to sit back and enjoy the benefit of ranking for THOUSANDS of keywords related to your business.

Finally, local search online.

This is still local search and organic search but it directly connected to the Google business listing.

This GMB listing is a separate thing as far as setting up and doing SEO work on it, but can – when done right – bring in 80% of your leads.


Well because Google KNOWS that your business is probably a “Local Business” meaning that it is area specific.

When that happens Google will serve up the 3-pack local search GMB listing first.

Those businesses that are listed in the top three will get the phone calls.

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