Floral or Flower shop WordPress Theme Template

Floral or Flower shop WordPress Theme Template

This post is all about a WordPress theme or layout that has been pre-done for your florist or flower shop businesses website.

What I do is design layouts for businesses using the Divi theme and WordPress for you so that you can choose a layout and then I will install it for you onto your business website. It comes with a few pricing options – from a free option all the way to a fully set up ranking business model. To find out more about these options please read more below.

To see the full DEMO layout – click here – florist website template

What This Florist Website Layout Template is all About.

I set up a florist website layout on the Divi themes template for you as a sample site.

You choose from the sample layouts that I have on offer (there are always more than 20 and right now when writing this post I have more than 40 layouts that you can choose from) This layout is done for a florist shop online.

Free florist website layout template installation option.

If you use my affiliate link to get your hosting for your new website, then I will do a free installation for you.

This is subject to a few rules. to see the details of this offer please go to this page for every detail – THE FREE WEBSITE INSTALLATION DETAILS

Basically, it works like this – You use my link to get your hosting, then you send me the log in details and I install the website for you onto your hosting.

You then send me the text and images that the rules allow you to use and I do all the editing changes needed for your website to now be 100% unique to your florist business.

I then send you the training videos that you then watch to learn how to carry on working on your new website.

If you already have a hosting package but still would like this template layout installed for you there is a paid option. You will still be subject to the rules because this would be a low price offer for you to get started without having to spend thousands of rands or dollars for your new website. Use the contact form below to see if I have a spot available for this offer and to get more details.

The paid installation options for your new flower shop website template.

This is a very limited service due to the fact that I am a one-man business. You will need to use the contact form below to contact me to see if I have any website design spaces available for you.

If I do, I work on a variety of design options and we would discuss this in detail.

You could choose a lower priced package and just use me to design details to the layout and functionality of your website for you. Things like the e-commerce side, or more pages etc.

Then we could go further into the SEO side of the design and start to set up a package that will get the phone ringing.

Contact me for more details on all these options.

To see what the site looks like – please do the following.

You could just scroll down and see the original layout that was built in pictures here below, or you can click on this link here – florist website template – and go and see it as a live demo and look at all the pages in detail.

Please remember that you would need to supply me with all the necessary text and images for the site to be unique to your florist shop.

Thank you for reading all this – I do appreciate it. May your flower shop or florist business thrive!!!!


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