eCommerce Website Design Special Offer – January 2018

eCommerce Website Design Special Offer – January 2018

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Valid for January 2018 only








Find out all the details here below

The quick explanation

Use my affiliate link to get your hosting for your new eCommerce business and I will give you a massive amount of services and bonuses for free.

You get a 6-page website built for your eCommerce business with all the bells and whistles included. There are some rules, but this package is so amazing that you are going to think I have gone mad. see the details below.


This is what you need to do when you have ordered your mare package from Stallion Hosting using the link I gave you.

You will get a confirmation email from Stallion Hosting and then you need to send it to me as confirmation. I also need to know if you wanted the bonuses I offered (you would have needed to pay for your hosting for a year upfront) so that I can then send you all the necessary details to get this new website of yours set up.

I will send you to sample website so that you can choose your theme.

I will send you what you need to send back, as far as your details, page content and images go.

I will also send you a detailed explanation of the rules.

Contact Me Here

I have arranged with Stallion Hosting to give me the opportunity to offer you this amazing eCommerce website special offer.

You will get the following bonuses as part of this special offer.

If you take all the options this offer includes, you will find that it has a value of over R 15000. YOU GET IT FOR FREE.

You get – A Premium WordPress Theme Installed onto your new hosting.

You get 6 pages built for you. (With the free offer there are some rules here)

You get the website configured with all the necessary add-on features. This includes security plug-ins, you get the WooCommerce plugin installed for you. You get anti-spam filters and more. This is as many as 16 added plugins included with this special offer.

This is what you get.

  1. I will set up an email address on your new website.
  2. I will install WordPress on your new hosting for your website.
  3. I will then install a premium theme (I use the Divi theme).
  4. I do core settings and adjustments to the WordPress site settings.
  5. I install and configure 16 vital (Ok, and not so vital) plug-ins for your website.
  6. I then build 7 pages of your website for you. (see details in the FAQ section below and the video).
  7. In some case (where applicable) I set your site up with HTTPS.
  8. SEVEN content creation videos.
  9. THREE Divi theme videos.
  10. TWO keyword research videos.
  11. CPanel Video training.
  12. How to use WordPress basics video.
  13. How to add posts video training.
  14. How to add pages video training.
  15. How to find Images.
  16. How to work with images – Canva video training.
  17. How to optimize and resize images – Video training.
  18. GEO Tagging you images video training
  19. The basics of eCommerce marketing online.
  20. My courses explained in a video.
  21. My Facebook group options explained in a video.
  22. My services described in a video.
  23. A total of 32 videos when you include the extra  “over my shoulder” videos I created while I worked on this site.
  24. You get two fonts that are popular at the moment.
  25. You get a copy of the toolkit in a  box.
  26. You get a PDF with the popular image sizes for the Divi theme.

How to get started

All you have to do is to get your hosting through my affiliate link


PS You need to order the MARE Package


Click here to go to order your hosting package right now

You need to order the Mare Package

But Wait  – There is More…

Thousands of Rands in FREE bonus Courses

If you pay for a year of hosting upfront, I will throw in all of the following courses below this as a bonus for you.


Click here to go to order your hosting package right now

You need to order the Mare Package

How Many Pages Do I Get?
You get a home page, and about us page and a contact page. Plus you get 4 “legal” pages – these are the Disclaimer page, the Terms and Conditions page, the Copyright page and a Privacy Policy Page.

That is a total of 7 pages.

However, with this Jewelry website option, I have included the templates that you see when you navigate through the site you are on right now, this is to enable you to be able to create cloned pages of those example pages by yourself easily.

Please note that this special offer only allows your page to be a maximum of 500 words and 2 images.

How do I know if the hosting options you offer are OK?
AS with anything in life you cannot be sure, but let me tell you this.

I have been doing full-time online marketing for 8 years now. In that time I have used 7 different hosting companies. Out of all those hosting companies, I not only learned exactly what is good and bad but can honestly say that I would only use 2 of them ever again.

Then for most of my online time, I have personally done affiliate marketing, which means I have built a lot of websites for myself. I would guess at over 100 sites.

Then I have been building (and teaching how to build websites) for the balance of my time online. This means that I have worked with more than (slight guess here) 20 or 30 different hosting companies.

Very few of them have been great.

If you think that some of the popular hosting companies beeing mentioned often out there are worth considering, then feel free to use them, but I would not like to be part of it. Sorry, to be blunt. I see so many people referring poor hosting companies either out of ignorance or the fact that they are just copying “old” courses referring older hosting companies that used to be good and are now extremely bad.

Please be very careful out there.

Can you tell me more about the theme - Divi?
Ah man, I love the Divi theme so much.

If I wasn’t married already, I would marry the Divi theme.

I have built over 250 websites and NONE even come close to the brilliance of the Elegant themes site called Divi.

I cannot even get close to showing you how brilliant the theme is – use this link to go and see what they do  –

But before I go let me tell you a story. I was always a design fan, so web design came naturally to me and I loved Elegant themes from before they had the Divi theme.

And then one day, this is the sad bit, I was tired of designing sites. Then they released Div, and I was re-energised to the point where I even went and redesigned my own websites immediately. It has been years now, and I am still over the moon with happiness for the theme.

It can do anything you can think of.

Is this website the same one I will be getting?

This is the jewelry site option. It comes as you see it. All that will be changed is this page you are on will be deleted, and I will add your content for your home page – the contact page and the about us page.

maximum 500 words and 2 images.

BUT, I do have about 20 other pre-done websites with theme layouts that you might prefer. Most of those themes are Divi (by far the best option).

You will be sent a list of those sites to go and look at just in case you prefer one of them as your site of choice.

When you do so you will see how brilliant Divi is because of how different Divi can make sites look.

Please watch the attached videos on this page to see some of the websites as examples.

Please note that once you have chosen a theme and I have installed it you will not be able to change it twice. (Unless you contract me to do so)

What do I NOT get with this offer?
Please remember that you are getting a lot of high-end products and training for simply using an affiliate link for your hosting. Therefore there are not exceptions at all when it comes to what you do not get.

You get the theme cloned over to your hosting as it is when you choose which one you want. You will be sent a list of website options to go and choose from.

But I do not do any design changes to the site. I simply add the words and images that you will have supplied me and publish it as is. You will have received videos showing you how to edit and change things to your liking.

There will be no emailing back and forth with questions. Everything you will need to know will be sent to you either in video form or in a PDF. If something that you would like to know is not there, then you can either contract me to do the extra work for you, or in some cases you can join the Facebook group and ask easy questions there. However you will not be allowed to constantly ask questions all the time to try to get free marketing training.

  1. You cannot negotiate anything.
  2. You will supply me with the content and your images. Pages are around 500-word limit, and each page will be allowed up to 2 images.
  3. You will receive a link to the video training where you will be able to do changes for yourself.
  4. If you are completely stuck, you can order revisions and changes from a few subcontractors I will refer you to.
  5. Revisions to this will be added when confusion arises.

However if you go back and look at what you DO get, you will see that a free premium theme installation alone is worth taking this offer. Any extra is just a wonderful bonus.

What if I wanted another theme?
Firstly Divi is EXTREMELY versatile and you need to know that it can copy almost any themes layout, so you probably will never need another theme again.

BUT, perhaps you really want to use another theme. (I use the Templatic themes for all my directory sites – so I understand)

If it is a free theme you will simply send me the link and if it is a paid them you will need to upload it to a place where I can download it to install for you.

A final comment here – I will STILL be installing the Divi Builder plug-in if you choose another theme. This will stall allow you to have all the functionality of the Divi theme’s drag and drop functionality.

WARNING – Sometimes the Divi builder plugin will not play nice with your chose theme (If you choose another them)

I already have a self hosted website but still want this training. Can I buy it separately?
Yes, you can do so, but you will need to remember that a lot of the video training is orientated towards a self-hosted WordPress theme with Divi installed. Therefore I would include the option for me to install Divi on your WordPress site.

If you are not self-hosted but still wish to get the video training and more, I will hold the price and add in a bonus or two to make up for what you are not getting from the theme installation.

The price will be around $100 00 and you will need to use the contact form below to send me your specific details.

If it is just the Divi theme that you want you can use my affiliate link to get a membership at Elegant themes and I will then charge you less for the training and then bonuses.

Another option is to get a NEW hosting package, add a NEW website completely – keep your old one, and build the new one up as a pure lead generation website. It is a great option. I do it often with my SEO clients.

I have a blogger (or Wix, Free WordPress, or other) blog that is well established. Can You move it over for me?
Sometimes it can be done, but the easy answer is NO.


well, firstly all this is so cheap (read free) because it is pre-done training and the actual work I need to do is less than an hours work.

BUT if I was transferring another site over it always comes with a bag full of sharp-teethed gremlins.

So, I really wish to avoid all that pain, BUT there is another bigger reason to NOT try to move over an existing website.

You see, as a website ages (even the cheap and free ones :)) they gain some sort of recognition from Google and that will be lost of you move it over. Yes, you can do redirects to “not lose your links” but in truth, it is far better to get new hosting, add a new and fresh website and plan it carefully from a lead generating perspective and be far happier in the long run.

What if I have questions that are not included in this offer?
There are a few ways that you could overcome this issue. If it is a marketing question, you are welcome to join my facebook group “Things To Make and sell” and ask your questions there.

If it is something that you would like to order from me (IE a complete website or get SEO services done) then you could email me and ask.

But, the truth is that I have covered a lot of ground here in what you are getting from me. I admit that it is all done casually in a friendly unstructured way (IE long chatty videos that are not always on point) Therefore it is unlikely that you will need much more.

Is there ongoing support for the work that will be supplied?
Everything that you are getting here is a one-off item that was free and therefore is not under any form of contract. For this reason, there is no ongoing support per-say, but for example, if you need things done you could contract me for those things. If the support is marketing related then you ask on the Facebook group, and finally, there is support for the Divi theme.

This is a premium theme and there are three options for support there.

One – You keep the theme as I supply it to you and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Two – you get an affiliate link from me and go and buy your own copy of Divi. It is cheap and well worth it.

Three, you contract me every now and again for a very low fee to go in and do the updating for you.

Are the plug-ins that are supplied enough?
Right now, yes. They are the plugins I use on my own websites and are all you need. In fact, too many snazzy plugins can slow down your website’s loading speed and cost you SEO positions in the SERPS.

BUT, things change really fast online, and in as little as a year the plugins could be radically different.

To keep up to date there, join my email list from one of my websites (see my links in the courses file)

Or join the Facebook group and ask your questions there occasionally.

When this is installed and handed over to me, what do I need to do then?
Well, firstly you will need to create and set up the main core pages of your website. This you will do by watching the Elegant themes training videos and the videos that I will supply you.

It is a learning curve, but not that hard. And then after that, it is just the normal running of your website.

Basically, all you need to do is this…

Add posts and pages at least once a week, make sure that you have interesting content and well-optimized images.

Share those images and pages and posts to all your social media places – especially Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Get back links to your important pages. (you will have needed to have done keyword research)

Keep a suspicious eye on me, the backlinking thing is likely to become a course sooner or later 🙂

Do you show me how to add normal blogging stuff to the website?
Yes, the videos do cover that and if they are not clear I suspect that I will hear from you guys fast enough and will do that so it is clearer.

However, you need to remember that you are building your website and not me. If you are really stuck with this you are able to contract me to do the work for you.

Is there a refund?
Silly! If you have not paid me any money then there cannot be a refund.

Plus because everything is free there is no recourse for if you do not like what I have done for you.

This needs to be clear, as you need to be sure that what you are getting from me is fully understood.

Think of it as a guide, a start that is there just to smooth your way that you will have needed to have done alone anyway.

Will I get help with future marketing stuff?
Yes – all the time.

Firstly, I will be sending you to any new freebies that I create.

Then you will be getting help on the Facebook group too.

Plus I will be adding links (affiliate links) o the good courses that you might need to make your business work better – for example, the Flourish & Thrive Academy when they bring out new courses, which I will review and let you know if they are good or not. I will be finding the better Pinterest and Instagram courses that will be a big help to your marketing.

I love this, BUT I am not a jewelry business. Will this still work for me?
This entire package will fit very well into almost any e-commerce styled product that can be sold online.

I do plan to do a few other niches, like the real estate niche and the cooking or catering niche. Let me know if you need something like that.

Do I offer support (Upgrades) for the theme?
No, and this is an important question. You see because Elegant themes are a cutting edge theme they are always updating the theme.

BUT, the copy that you will have installed on your site will be in perfect working order.

The chances are extremely high that you will never need to update the theme again.

If you prefer to not get a theme that you might have to pay for some time in the future, then you will need to tell me and we will install the theme of your choice.

I will say that I would update it for you annually for a small fee, and that way you will always have an up to date version, or annually up to date 🙂

What if I need a 20 page website?
Two choices here – follow the videos I will have supplied and build the pages yourself. It is not hard, you will see.


You can contract me to do your website for you. I suggest that you take the time to learn how to do it yourself as that way you will not need a designer (me) each time you feel the need to do small changes o your website.

My fees start from as low as $500 00 (not enough for a complete website) and go all the way to $9000 00 for a complete SEO done website. IE the whole enchilada.

Is an eCommerce payment system included here?
Sort of included.

I have installed the woo commerce plugin for you and talk a bit about it in the video training.

It is simple enough to use, and even when you are not in the dollar countries you can find add-on plugins to fix that easily enough.

Here in South Africa, we need to buy an extra plugin from woo commerce for our local currency. Not a huge issue.

BUT, I also talk about other options, like just using PayPal for your orders or adding the Shopify payment system to the mix. This is a new one for me, I spoke to an experienced e-commerce marketer (he sells very upmarket rings) and got some great advice from him. (Thanks, Scott)

Do you only do WordPress? what about Shopify or Squarespace?
Yes, definitely only WordPress. I do suggest Shopify occasionally but because you do not own your website there, it has a risk element.

The other places like Blogger, Wix, the free WordPress, and Weebly are all fantastic as web 2.0 properties – for social media stuff and getting backlinks to your come money pages.

Will this be SEO compliant?
Yes, very much so – SEO is my main form of income right now and coupling that with website design and local search SEO work, I am very experienced with all of that side of online marketing.

SEO is the grease that will bring in your buyer traffic, social media is the grease that will bring in some buyer traffic and a lot of cool SEO benefits too.

Stay connected via my email lists and the Facebook group if you feel you need to stay in touch with the ever-changing world of SEO.

Why this self-hosting option? Why not stick with Blogger etc?
Self-hosting is only necessary for people who would like to make some money from their websites.

If you are just doing this for fun, as a hobby, then you will be just fine with the free options.

But as a business? you have no other choice.

Do it the right way, people.

What is the value of this offer, and why is it that value?
Most of you would have quite happily accepted an affiliate link from a blog post that you had been sent to from a facebook group and bought your hosting that way without any of what I offer you here today.

This package is so far above what you would have received that I suspect that I am going to piss-off a lot of lazy marketers who lurk on the facebook groups just to send you affiliate links as soon as you put your hand up and ask a newbie question.

Hell, guys, do not be fooled, obviously, I am also doing this for the affiliate commissions :), damned right, but, the cool part is that you score all my 9 years of SEO and web design experience right along with my need for more money 🙂

Are there any free pizza vouchers added?
HaHa, I love joking, as you will find out as soon as you watch any of my videos, but I actually do offer you some really cool future deals right here.

I plan to keep on creating courses that will alway be a benefit o your online marketing needs.

AND, sometimes I will offer those courses free to those people who are on my email lists or in the facebook groups with a string attached – for example, I might send you on a treasure hunt to get a copy of my course, or get you to share it somewhere, or bring me a referral client etc.

I am like a child in my need to have fun and enjoy my life, you guys are going to come along for the ride. Thank you for that.


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You need to order the Mare Package

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