Amazon Website

Amazon Website

When I say “Amazon” website I really mean two different types of website designs here – let me explain.

You could build a website designed to solely promote amazon products for a commission and be very successful with that business model.

Equally you could build a shop styled website that has your own or other peoples products for sale on the actual site – not where you direct the visitor to another site to buy.

There are a few obvious differences that would affect the layout of your website, but the placement of those elements would be something we would discuss in a design meeting.

The real question is what style of website would we be discussing before we decide what elements to place where.

The look of a product or shopping orientated site is normally very visual and often had PayPal and a shopping cart system integrated.

All those elements would affect your quotation, so it pays to set up a meeting via Skype or phone first to see if I can supply your business with the website design that you need.

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