Services Website

Services Website

Local services or any specific service you offer online is a perfect website model to build.

The reason I say this so confidently is that if you build the site correctly, and then add the correct web 2.0 properties, and then set up your local search and Google properties correctly your business will become so busy you will need to get more staff or at the very least drink more coffee.

The combination of great content – showing off your service or product, combined with the power of local search or just highly targeted long tailed keywords lead to a brilliant combination online.

I get so excited to see the details working in your inbox or getting your telephones to ring.

Please take the 2 seconds to look at the visitor number count from the side of this website and you can see what I mean. ( I hope it is there – I sometimes remove it for coding reasons)

So, if you are either thinking of starting a service related business and need a website that will be guaranteed to bring you a flood of buyers, I know how to do that for you.

If you are already in business and either need your first website or are looking to build a lead generating website then you are right in the perfect position to get that job done properly.

Go to the contact me page if you are impatient, or go and see what the packages are – here