Video Website

Video Website

You would need to define what your end goal is if you decide to design a video website theme online

I am not saying that it is bad, but while using video in its many forms to market your product, you need to have an income stream that thrives from the visual format of video.

I use video a LOT in my marketing and know the power that it brings, but to just throw up a bunch of videos is silly unless your business plan leads them to a money solution.

Now having got the lecture out of the way :), I love that WordPress has some magic themes that allow video to be showcased very well in website design.

If your video website needs to just be page after page of videos, I can do that.

If you need to have all the front page to be covered in videos that is easy too, and then you design your website as a normal website inside.

This video web model could work very well in you have your own products or training system that you could use video to explain everything in that format.

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