Local Business Website

Local Business Website

Local businesses are finding that it is becoming a little harder to get targeted leads from the internet these days as more and more businesses start to do quality website design and decent SEO.

The old days of paying for a static website are long gone, and those business owners are complaining daily that the “economy” is suffering and affecting everyone’s businesses when what is really happening is their old marketing methods are DEAD.

They still run yellow pages adverts. The still pay their SEO guy from 8 years ago a monthly fee to “maintain” their website.

OH – That’s funny.

But , not so funny to those business owners who have not a clue as to how technology has advanced to where you could end up out of business unless you get the most modern marketing methods installed as a permanent feature on your website.

Local search has been growing for over 5 years and has become a science from a marketing point of view.

The difference between number one and number two is about 35%

Why would you want to be at the bottom of a search page where people are looking up EXACT keyword terms?


If my business is Website Design Buccleuch – Then I would like to be first. That spot could be good for 50 high quality searches a month.

I want 46% of those searchers to come to my website not my opposition.

Well I could write about this all day, and keep on pushing your panic button – but the real truth is that every local business still has different needs and the only way to find out what you need and how much of it you need is to talk to me about it.

Use this website design packages page as a starting point or click through to my contact page directly