Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Corporate Websites are generally all about Branding

The bigger a business becomes the more they have a brand already established and really need the website to stand to reinforce the brand and image.

However there would be a lot of other details that have to be very clear on a corporate or big business website design, as people expect to find that info easily.

Navigation tops everything, a visitor will need to find all links easily available.

Second on the list or directions, contact details and phone numbers. Again, if a visitor arrives at a corporate website and does not easily find the contact details or branch/store details they are likely to be calling you irritated instead of calling you happy.

Which would you prefer?

If you are here thinking that you need a business website in this corporate mold and are really looking for a website that brings you leads they are two totally different websites.

Do not get me wrong, if a product is strong enough you can combine the two, but generally it is better to have a separate lead generating website to your corporate site.

What you really need to do is to set up a call with me to ask a few questions as to how I can give your business the style of website that you need.

Use the contact page to call me or email me.