Gaming Website

Gaming Website

When it comes to gaming online there are a few ways to market – your games or as an affiliate.

I can tell you that the gaming industry is massive online, and affiliate programs connected to gaming are many.

On that score (affiliate marketing) I am very experienced. So I guess it would depend upon what type of gaming website you need for me to supply you with the perfect experience.

Gaming (or software) products that you have developed yourself.

Here you would need to do a combination of brand building and massive marketing.

You would need a very big off site web property plan of action, but once your game starts to go viral, the sky is no limit at all.

Gaming affiliate marketing

this would need a totally different style of website design and the very nature of gamers everywhere would require that you are very skilled at all levels and types of gaming.

If you are qualified at that I can say with utmost confidence that I can design your gaming site so that you stand head and shoulders above all others.

Gaming is a very visual business, and I have very powerful graphic orientated website themes that we could use.

Don’t be chicken – get started here today

News Website

News Website

News online is massive and a news related website can become an asset like no other.

You need to go and see how the Huffington post grew and was sold for a few bob to know that the news media online can be a very nice business model.

Now a news style website design is in fact one of the easiest types of websites to do, and relies heavily upon navigation.

A visitor to your website would have arrived via a viral link and if the navigation on your website is bad you are not going to retain that visitor.

The good news is if you do have great navigation and interesting news articles you are likely to become a well respected news media website very quickly.

There are a lot of magazine and news orientated themes available for your news website ideas, and I am 100% confident that I can produce a news website for you that will leave all your competitors green with jealousy.

To see more about the website packages that I currently offer please go to the web design packages page here.

Shopping Website

Shopping Website

Do you import or manufacture a product and need a shopping style website designed for you?

I love the concept of showing a product off to the best of its ability.

It could be software, blue widgets or a massive range of handcrafted quilts that you need to sell online.

I must add that just having a decent shopping cart type website designed for you online, is definitely not going to be enough – from a business point of view.

The good news is that you are here on my website designing website, but I am much more than just a common website designer and I have massive skills that you could learn to apply to get thousands of visitors a day to your website.

Your bank manager will love you!

It is not just SEO it is SEM and social marketing and more.

The easiest way to get some facts etc – would be for you to use the contact me page and set up a meeting for us to discuss your needs from a website design point of view.

You could also go to the packages and see which option might suit your pocket the best.

Services Website

Services Website

Local services or any specific service you offer online is a perfect website model to build.

The reason I say this so confidently is that if you build the site correctly, and then add the correct web 2.0 properties, and then set up your local search and Google properties correctly your business will become so busy you will need to get more staff or at the very least drink more coffee.

The combination of great content – showing off your service or product, combined with the power of local search or just highly targeted long tailed keywords lead to a brilliant combination online.

I get so excited to see the details working in your inbox or getting your telephones to ring.

Please take the 2 seconds to look at the visitor number count from the side of this website and you can see what I mean. ( I hope it is there – I sometimes remove it for coding reasons)

So, if you are either thinking of starting a service related business and need a website that will be guaranteed to bring you a flood of buyers, I know how to do that for you.

If you are already in business and either need your first website or are looking to build a lead generating website then you are right in the perfect position to get that job done properly.

Go to the contact me page if you are impatient, or go and see what the packages are – here

Video Website

Video Website

You would need to define what your end goal is if you decide to design a video website theme online

I am not saying that it is bad, but while using video in its many forms to market your product, you need to have an income stream that thrives from the visual format of video.

I use video a LOT in my marketing and know the power that it brings, but to just throw up a bunch of videos is silly unless your business plan leads them to a money solution.

Now having got the lecture out of the way :), I love that WordPress has some magic themes that allow video to be showcased very well in website design.

If your video website needs to just be page after page of videos, I can do that.

If you need to have all the front page to be covered in videos that is easy too, and then you design your website as a normal website inside.

This video web model could work very well in you have your own products or training system that you could use video to explain everything in that format.

Call me via the contact page to see how we can develop your video site.

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