Doing Social Media Marketing so that your clients love you

Pack your order book with targeted leads

FaceBook Marketing

Regular customers and all their friends are going to love your business if you handle them correctly

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Google Plus and all its power

Google Plus has become the most powerful method of getting your business noticed online. If handled right you can dominate

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Twitter marketing

Short powerful targeted tweets with a strong follower base can shoot your business to the very top. Twitter is extremely powerful from a marketing perspective

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Pinterest power

Picture power online is so powerful and can drive hoards of interested visitors to your business. Images – Images – Images

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Any online business that is not active socially will lose out to their competition – hand over fist

People are becoming so social online that the power of a personal share or recommendation is priceless.

If your peers are sharing something and even better telling you that it is fantastic, you are far more likely to buy it than if you found the item in a random search.

Such is the power of social media that the search engines are now paying attention to how often a post or page is shared and ranking your products accordingly.

Those savvy business owners that are harnessing the social media power and getting thousands of people to like and share your content are building brand power like has never been seen before – ever.

Do not think you can skimp on the social media side of your business.

Obviously I am fully up to speed on which social media sites are going to give your business the biggest boost from different points of view.

You need to get your businesses finger onto this pulse and watch the businesses bank balance start to grow accordingly.

Social media is like owning a pet – you need to maintain and feed it or it will die

But the good news is that if you nurture your social media properties, your website and your business will be receiving a constant level of attention that will drive your business to new and happy levels.

There are thousands of different social media websites that you can use to generate the necessary interest to your business, and every business will have different types of clients.

For example Twitter is very smart phone orientated, and if your target market fits in there then you need to be on twitter.

But Pinterest is very visual, very female orientated and spans across all age groups.

So, if your product is racing exhausts for motorbikes you might not want to have a massive presence there.

Read through the list below showing the more popular social media websites

facebook marketing


As of right now Facebook is by far the leader in fun social activity

This is both good and bad, as it can be a tedious process getting a person who has logged into their Facebook account for fun to follow a line of seeds to your buy now button.

It takes a lot longer to build a Facebook following.

The good news is that you can buy traffic within Facebook relatively cheaply and once it reaches a certain point people will like and follow naturally.

However the big takeaway here is that your product needs to be compatible with Facebook.

If it is not a great fit (too business orientated) then try one of the other social sites.

No matter what – you still need to be on Facebook for the exposure, and the back linking.

Google plus social media marketing

Google Plus

This is definitely the best option for normal businesses that are looking for targeted marketing online

Google is all about business, so it stands to reason to see them targeting the business owner.

The good news is that they supply you with a massive array of tools that allow your business to get noticed right across all the aspects of search online.

They cover meetings (hangouts0, they cover directions to your business (Google earth and Maps, they cover information, search for keywords, they cover images and more.

It is the power of this video, text, image and more stuff that builds your web based business up to a point where Google will place your business first among many millions of competitors if you have set the whole system up correctly.

Twitter - social media marketing


Twitter is smart social media and is connected to the smart phone industry

Smart media is growing at a rate never before seen in the history of the modern world, and changing all the time.

But people are still using twitter everyday, and news travels fastest via this medium

Got news to share?

Go a promotion to launch?

Running a daily competition?

You need to be alive and followed on twitter to get the maximum potential out of this site.

I highly suggest that you couple your twitter marketing with two other social media platforms to get a rich mix of power from all three.

pinterest social media marketing


Pinterest is so visual and fits perfectly into the sensual side of marketing

That power of getting someone interested via an image is so easy to do and so powerful to apply.

Pinterest covers a very wide age group, mostly women and can get your viral marketing going so fast and so powerfully that you will be shocked.

Be warned, everything hinges on the power of your graphics, and the constant addition of images.

A large following takes a lot of work

stumbleupon social media marketing


StumbleUpon still has great power and if you can go viral here you are a winner

A very well established social post, page and story sharing website that had the power to drive thousands a visitors a day to your website.

It is knowing what to share, and then getting it noticed that is the trick.

However once it goes viral your business will be flooded with interested visitors.

You need to have elements on the page that they visit that will not only keep them on your website, but lead them to other offers of item on your website.

tumblr social media marketing


Tumblr has grown to where you ignore it at your peril

This is a site that quietly grew while others got the headlines to the point where you can get a very large following that when combined with your other social media sites can be a worthy tool in your arsenal.

Tumblr is really just a blogging site but has powerful; page rank, a large following and allows your business or other web properties to get very nice back linking power from one place

instagram social media marketing


Image sharing coupled to the mobile industry? A define winner

While the type of image that you use here will be important, it pays to have a presence here if your product suits this market type.

Very good for coupons, competitions and other viral related aspects of your marketing

linkedin social media marketing


Tried and trusted business portal

There are surely very few business owners who are not on LinkedIn, right?

However there is a skill to marketing here as you need to be gentle with your handling of your promotions.

I do suggest that a local Johannesburg website could still get a great return of interest here.

People have become sensitive to a constant barrage of stuff in their face, so you must interact and when you offer anything it should be so powerful that other business owners stand up and are impressed.

Tow things matter here, setting up your profile correctly, and befriending the right groups and people so as to not waste your time.

Finally this is not for most product orientated businesses, more for services for other businesses.

I admit I should personally try harder there myself, but get more than enough business from the search engines and word of mouth.

Personal choice here

There are others we can discuss when we chat...

So, how do you find out what will work for your business?

Simply set up a meeting with me, online or in person and we can discuss your needs and I would then do a analysis of your business and the related niche keywords and work out a quotation for you.

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