Doing Lead Generation the Right Way

Pack your order book with targeted leads

Local Search Lead Generation

Buyers search locally often, so the business that ranks for a local search keyword will get the business.

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Organic Search Leads

A website that has the correct silo setup, the correct back linking, the best content and a whole lot more is likely to get the most normal search inquiries.

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Social Marketing Leads

Social media is extremely powerful and if done right could fill your inbox forever. Social Media Marketing

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Advertising and Media buys

When paying for traffic you need to know details like how to split test for a great ROI

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Lead generation has become a very competitive part of the business owners online strategy these days.

With this comes the inevitable risk involved as, like anything marketing related, it takes time for a campaign to show results.

Unfortunately this means that three factors come into play here…

1. Crooked and stupid marketing people worldwide are able to survive because they can. It can take up to 6 months for a business owner to realize that the “SEO” guy they contracted out to is either an idiot, is using bad software, is lazy, is stupid or just a plain old liar.

2. It make it difficult for a business owner to trust real and hard working service providers

3. Business owners unfortunately expect to see fast results

My advice is to know what your business needs and set up different campaigns to achieve different results.

There are many ways to generate leads online.

Your Primary website is the core to all of this and needs to have perfect branding, great navigation and enough content to satisfy all levels of visitors.

Knowing how to set up your core pages and services, how to set your silo levels correctly for your main keywords, how to link lower level pages to lead all visitors to your money pages are what this is all about.

It does not help to have visitors arriving at your website and when they get there they are not presented with breadcrumbs to follow.

lead generation

You could set up secondary keyword orientated websites for targeted traffic.

While I admit that to do this method properly you are building the equivalent of a new smaller website each time you do it, you can gain MASSIVE traffic from the power of these smaller keyword orientated websites.

For example – your business is retail and you have a furniture store.

Your core website will become an authority site and will have all your products listed, but then you build another website just for sofas and another website for children’s bedroom furniture.

These individual sites will, therefore, be uncluttered by all the other furniture and gain great search engine ranking for your trouble.

web 2.0 for lead generation

You could also set up free web 2.0 property websites (also Keyword orientated) on places like Tumblr and Blogger.

These websites will also be small but complete websites and would, therefore, require decent images and content, but once built and ranking they are likely to stay well ranked forever and send you a permanent trickle of leads all the time.

The better these websites are set up the better they will rank. One of the big advantages is that they are properties that you will use to get a lot of high-quality links to your core money website

social media for lead generation

Your social media if done right could be a massive lead generating tool

Social media is massive and not likely to slow down ever.

The more detailed your planning is for campaigns using social media the better your lead generation will be.

You can use free giveaways, coupon promotions, competitions, surveys and a lot more in your social media lead generating tricks.

Admittedly they all take time to do, and need to be constant so as to not let your followers lose interest – the benefits could be huge.

Google ads and media buys for lead generation

Lead generating the lazy way?

You could simply plan advertising campaigns with media buys, Google ads or Facebook advertising. All have their merits.

The thing is that almost all the other methods require the constant addition of content and back linking etc. This could become expensive, but you gain web properties that will stand on their own.

But by building a skinny website, and then paying for your traffic has a lot of merits.

You are switching on your ad-spend as and when you need to, and other than the fact that you will need to pay for traffic forever – the rest has a lot of great reasons to go this route.

BUT, if done wrong your ROI could be a disaster.

Many companies have lost thousands of $. Take care here

cpa and affiliate lead generation

Setting up CPA campaigns could work for medium to large businesses.

If your niche allows this method of lead generation it could, in fact, be the best model of them all. You design a CPA campaign or an affiliate program, then you get others to do the marketing on your behalf and pay them a commission. Beautiful model if you can get all the pieces to fit together.

lead generatingVideo marketing is extremely powerful for many types of businesses.

This website that you are on right now will be marketed using a triple combination of local search – Video marketing and Google plus hangouts.

I have already proven that YouTube works, as I have a video that gets over 8000 views a month and now know the secret.

By using the power of video marketing you could drive hoards of targeted buyers to your products.

Naturally, this might be niche dependent.

Contact me to see if your business fits this model

local search lead generation

Finally, lead generation from a local search point of view has become one of the best business lead generating methods ever.

If you are a local business and people are searching for you with a city or suburb modifier in their search term – then this is the perfect way to get business.

If someone searches for Houses for sale in Oakville (and that is what you do) you could literally be getting a few very highly targeted leads every day.

this is the replacement for the old Yellow pages and a far better model – as it is free to get listed.

All you need to do is set it all up correctly, and POW leads forever 🙂

I Love This!

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So, how do you find out what will work for your business?

Simply set up a meeting with me, online or in person and we can discuss your needs and I would then do an analysis of your business and the related niche keywords and work out a quotation for you.

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