What Exactly is Online Marketing

Simple answer is the full use of every aspect or property available online to market a product service or business.

doing business onlineThis means that I could either teach you how to do this or do it for you and shoot your business | Product | Service straight to the front of ANY online place where interested potential buyers might be.

The combination of a website or two and some powerful social media and perhaps selected media buys could literally bring in millions of internet sourced dollars.

No Jokes!

Marketing For Business

Your business or service could easily outrank the biggest players in your niche.

top web planning toolsWhile you might struggle to take on Apple or Samsung, the online marketing field levels the playing field like no other and a skilled marketer could target hot leads very easily and bring a flood of prospects into your business a lot cheaper that the old blunderbuss methods of old.

The beauty of online marketing is that there are literally thousands of keywords you could target, and then when you are done, find thousands more.

For Example…

A shoe store.

You could target all local search keywords.

Like Sandton shoe store

Sandton shoe shop

shoe shop Sandton

Cheap shoes shop in Sandton etc

Then you could target all shoe keywords.

luxury shoes

jimmywho? shoes

Cheap shoes


Then all the related keywords…

boots, leather boots, red boots etc.

then slippers, slops, sandals.

Do you see how many thousands of combinations you could find?

You must not guess, but there is a tool that tells you exactly who is looking for what.

Then you could target the next level, hiking books, waterproof boots, cold weather boots, wedding shoes, bridesmaids shoes, safety boots etc.

still much more.

Finally, when you are so rich that you have become bored you could set up a drop shipping business and start to target the international market.

All because you knew how to do internet marketing. 🙂

Marketing part time

There are a number of ways that you could start a business and earn a decent part time income and I could show you some of the best ways.

dripped web contentHowever most of those would work best of you designed a decent website and started to build up decent content on your chosen subject inside that website.

This would probably be the best way to get a sustainable and steady income.

However there some very clever ways to make money via CPA marketing or Facebook.


Affiliate Marketing

Yeah! I love this business model and wish I had more time to develop my own businesses this way.

mobile marketingWhat you do is simply build a website in a certain way so that it promotes someone else s product.

When people click that link and then buy from that person you get up to 100% commission.

Sort of like having the best commission only job in the whole world – without any of the risks and MUCH more potential.

See one of the best methods right here – Affiliate Marketing

I believe in Karma – and while I was linking to this opportunity an email came in from him to me, so I transfer that luck to you here and now 🙂

My Marketing Services

So, I could do all the online marketing for you.

video marketingI could teach you how to do online marketing

I could send you to the best course on online marketing

I could set up your first online marketing website and teach you from there

I could send you to some serious marketers that will teach you how to make $100 000 a month.

You could make money from your hobby

But after all is said and done, you should contact me first and set up a meeting where I could show you all the possibilities and set you off in the right direction.

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