Normally at this time of year my inquiries about websites increase but it takes a week or three for the orders to come in and with that I mind I have decide to offer a special deal for new website owners.

Website design special offersThe special offer will probably be available the entire year but on a strict “if I am not too busy” rule.

OK, it works this way.

I will build you a complete Content management system website

You get 5 pages, I give you a years hosting for free, pay for your domain.

I will do a basic text logo and a basic header for you as part of this special offer.

I have set up three or four sample sites for you to go and see as examples of what is possible.

Please note that this special offer might not include everything that you see on those sample sites.

Web Design Sample Site One

Web Design Sample Site Two

Web Design Sample Site Three

Web Design Sample Site Four ( A Clients Site)

Need to see more of my standard package prices for my website designs?

My Main web design page

My web design packages

An Added bonus – get the 63 page report showing you the 26 most popular ways you can make money online

Make Money OnlineThis goes into a lot of detail telling you all the current 2014 methods that you could apply to your website or existing business that will get your existing business or that new business you have been dying to start, making money for you online.

Almost every one of these many making methods could be done by you. There is obviously a bit to learn, but about as much as learning how to open a Facebook page and post and tag etc.

Or if you prefer as much effort as learning how to f=drive. Easy to do if you are serious about making money for yourself or family this year.

Look – if you really want to start a business you will probably need a website so that is why I have added the report to this page so you are aware that I will add a special website deal in for you.

BUT, you can just as easily go and set up your website yourself and start to apply the tips I show you in that report.

Get it now and start the first steps to your new richer life!

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