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This is one of the pages that you will be getting as a done-for-you page when you get your free installation of this website for your own jewelry business.

I will be sending you a list of what you are allowed to get as part of this amazing offer, and for this page, you will be allowed up to 500 words and 2 images.

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What on earth made me offer such an amazing opportunity for jewelry business owners?

If you need to know a little about me (the guy who built this website) then here is a brief history of what eventually led to you been offered this amazing opportunity.

I am Robert Bruce Anderson a South African small business advisor and crafter. I came online in 2008 to build a website to sell my art and discovered the wonderful world of online marketing.

It was not long before I had done a ton of courses and was teaching crafters how to build websites and do social media and more. This was low entry level training as most crafters had little or no cash for the big marketing money that is sometimes needed for this level of marketing.

I graduated to doing full websites, decent ones with proper SEO things built into those sites and more and that level of a website when done properly is close to $5000.00  for the site, the local search marketing set up and the SEO basics.

However all along I was still offering help (as I still do on social media) to that small newbie who has just come online to start up a website hoping for phone calls from their new site in a few days.

There was little I could do to help people that had been given bad advice from the start and had already gone down the wrong road as far as their online properties were concerned.

I needed to find a way where I could clone a pre-done site over for newbies with limited funds.

The commissions I make from referring hosting was a guide for me to put together as big an offer as I could give away for free and still not lose money when I built those websites for people.

Finally what you are seeing here is a perfect way for a person who was not going to be able to afford to buy a decent website, still get one, a premium WordPress website with all the professional plugins and advice I would have given my premier clients.

The difference is this – I had to do all the advice and show you what to do for yourself, in a series of videos, so that you will be able to go ahead and build your core website up with the knowledge that this way is the right way.


I decided to add this extra level of design (another module) to give you a more sophisticated page from the very beginning.

You can either delete this section, expand on it, or just add some relevant content about your jewelry range.

The idea is to use any or every possible way to get people to see what you are offering and send them onto the “buying” places as fast as possible.

Hell, I am even adding real words here to this page to give me more opportunity to show you how brilliant this offer is that I have for you.

A spot like this at the bottom of a page is the perfect place for you to get someone to take an action that you think will get them nearer to becoming a client.

So, go to go to the top of the page and click the link that tells you how you can get your copy right now.

You definitely need a self-hosted website if your jewelry business is a real business.

Why not get sent to the best hosting options and at the same time get this exact website layout (or any of the other 20 I have to offer you) and get all the free video advice as a bonus?