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An introduction to a web design specialist in Johannesburg


Let me start this page by saying that if you are in a hurry and need to discuss your new website’s details with me really fast, then use this link to click to get a quotation for a Johannesburg website design.

For those who feel it is important to learn a little about the website designer who is going to be doing the actual work on your website and the processes that will be followed in the design process – please read the rest of this page.

For example, I am not one of the largest web design companies in Johannesburg.

Perhaps I should explain – I am a one man business and while I do occasionally outsource some of the really boring work to others, I generally do all the planning and design work on your website myself.

That way I know with certainty that I am doing it correctly.

While I am on the subject of how to do it correctly I feel that it is important that you should know a few details about what MUST be included in your new website.


Your business needs a website for LEADS right?


Therefore you must do buyer keyword research so that I will be targeting the correct segment of people who are looking for what you do.

CMS System

You must use a CMS styled website and I suggest WordPress simply because it is very loved by Google and is easy for you to work on yourself with updating content and adding new content.

Branding and Image

Your site must look fantastic – the branding and style are important because people are going to judge your site in a split second.


Sadly people have less and less patience these days and expect instant gratification. Now that we know that the site will have a navigation that will be designed to send the visitors to exactly what they want. Easily!

Internal Setup

This is huge in the eyes of the search engines – they need to see and read things like Meta Tags, and silo structures and schema markup and more. In fact this sort of covers other things like a fast loading site for best ranking positions.

Internal Linking Structure

Another vital part of how the search engine spiders see what your website is all about. It is these details that tell Google what you do (from a keyword point of view) and then place your pages on the buyers’ keyword search areas. This will bring you the buyer traffic.

External linking structure

This is a process that is essentially SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and often will fall outside the scope of the website build.

However, if the page structure and posts etc are set up in a planned manner it will make the SEO side of your online needs far easier to get done.

Social Media

This is also sort of outside the scope of a pure website build but might need to be done so that a clickable link can be added to the website for fast access to your businesses social media presence.


Am I only a web designer for Johannesburg and Sandton?

I do find that I get more business from areas nearer to where I work, but generally, I am not restricted to just Johannesburg or Sandton.

I do a lot of work in the greater Gauteng area because it is easier for a client to have face to face meetings if they feel it is important.

In fact, I am close to Midrand than the Johannesburg CBD. Yet areas like Bedfordview and Randburg, Pretoria and any East Rand or West Rand suburbs are all easily within a 30-minute drive from where I work. I am centralized on the highway network.

If you are anywhere in South Africa you do get preferential treatment with certain aspects that my international clients might not receive.

Having said that my marketing for South Africa (and specifically Johannesburg and Sandton) is orientated to website design rather than full design and SEO packages.

Final notes and details that you night need to know about the website design packages.

Good Client fit

Because I am a one-man business I do not take on too many clients at a time. With that thought in mind, it is very important that you and I both feel that we are a good fit and that way our working relationship will be good.

Website and contract payments

I only work with payment upfront when I do a new website design or any project for that matter and this is not negotiable. However, I am also aware that there are many liars’ crooks and thieves in the neighborhood and with that in mind I am happy to break up the payments into smaller bits to allay any nervous issues that you might have.

If you have an existing website and need to redesign it

This is something that we will need to look into at length.

You see (sadly) in South Africa business owners had a tendency to not take the website design process very seriously and thought that as long as the site looked good it “will do”.

In fact, to this day I see people asking for websites that “will not cost an arm and a leg” and these people are serious about saving money and yet in doing that prove that they are not serious about their businesses.

I say this because I constantly see websites that seem lovely and when I scratch under the surface find really nasty problems.

This can actually cost more to fix than to simply build a new website that is set up correctly.

I repeat my opening line at the top of this page.



Getting a quotation for a new website for your business?

Please watch all these videos, if you are serious about getting the level of the website that you thought you were getting.

Knowledge is power.

The more you know what should be included into your new business website the better off you will be when your expectations are or are not realised once the website has been live for a few weeks.

Keyword research and silo structure Video


On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

GMB (Google My Business) Explained


Call Now – 011 656 9018 – 082 572 5446

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