Hello – I am Robert Bruce Anderson, and I do online marketing.

I used to live in South Africa and do web design and online marketing, focusing on SEO for clients.

Then one day I was involved in a violent home invasion. 120 minutes of watching helplessly while armed men threatened to kill my family in front of my eyes.

This proved to me that my decision to leave a sinking country and start a new life overseas was the right thing to do. It took a while to get the ducks in a row and go, but I now live in Canada and have found a new and very happy life – one that I had forgotten what it feels like to be happy. I could talk about the bad things that I now know are gone from my life, and the good things that I have not had since the 80,s or 90,s back in my life, but suffice to say, I understand that it doesn’t matter to you.

So, where am I now as far as what I do for a living?

I was going to simply do POD (Print on Demand) as it is a style of “job” that suits me so well that it is like it was made with me in mind.

BUT, I got fibromyalgia as a direct result of the home invasion and when seeking a way to cope with my condition I realized that I should be helping others seek a better way to cope with this nasty chronic pain condition.

I have been busy for 12 months setting up my new website that is there to help those people with chronic pain problems.

It is done, and I am happy. I will now be able to get started with some POD – finally.

But, if you are interested, you can go and see the membership training site that I set up (7-day free trial) and see what I spent a year of my life building.

go here  https://stress.fibromyalgiaclub.com/get-story-here/


Thank you for visiting my original website