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Read more to see what advantages you get by being a local Johannesburg Business
Why would people use Johannesburg in a search online?

This is called local search in online terms, and the reason buyers and clients use a local search modifier like “Johannesburg” is essentially for three main reasons.

The first is that as a local -nearby – business it is easier for meetings and other arrangements to be set up.

The second is a trust issue. A local business is see as more trustworthy – or rather easier to see if they are a reliable company.

The third is really out of habit.

We search for local restaurants like “restaurants in Sunninghill” because in a case like that we really need local search. You are unlikely to drive to Capetown for a meal if you live in Sandton.

So, because we are used to looking up local businesses we often do it for services that could be supplied for anywhere in the world.

I am a local Sandton resident, but I advertise web design more in Toronto Canada than anywhere else. (and a $5000 webdesign price in Toronto is not seen as a shock – but here…)

What are the bonuses I get for supporting a local Johannesburg web design business?

My Package pricing remains the same no matter where you live and who orders a website from me, but I do have a few bonuses that make local Johannesburg support worthwhile for you.

Firstly because we live near to each other you are able to attend full training sessions on SEO, social media marketing, back-linking building and maintaining your website physically at my home office.

This is a massive advantage as you will be getting personal over the shoulder training on how to maintain your WordPress website and more.

Absolutely priceless.

Naturally you could send a staff member to get the training in your place.

Secondly you could deliver or collect a lot more data via memory stick and get things like images sorted faster than trying to email images or using online properties like dropbox.

This last reason is massive as I have local suburb and buyer type knowledge. Because I actually live locally, shop locally, your website will have small adjustments built into it because I can take advantage of this local info.

For example you might want to have 4 smaller lead generation websites for local lead generation, one for Pretoria, one for central Johannesburg and Sandton and the other two for the east and west rands.

Now only a local like myself would see the logic in that a guy living in Benoni is unlikely to be searching for “plumber Johannesburg”

Why do I - as the Johannesburg website designer use a local search keyword on my page?

I love this question, as the real truth is that I do web design and website developments for businesses all over the rest of the world and not just for Johannesburg or Gauteng.

But – I am telling you this upfront – when I do keyword research I see that there are about 100 (this number changes from month to month) people that look up this exact keyword “web design Johannesburg”

Now you might think that this is a low number, and the truth is that if 100 are searching it does not mean that I will get all 100 of you here on this page.

But I should get between 12% and 45% for this exact long tailed keyword.

Now if it were only 12 visitors I am still very happy.

You see I am very good at what I do, and know a lot more about the actual marketing of websites than 99% of other website developers locally.

This gives me tremendous confidence knowing that those clients that I do build websites for are getting the best value for money in the country.

This means that visitors will see I have stunning website themes, do know what I am talking about, and will not hesitate to order from me.

In fact – you as the visitor have a bigger problem that I do, as I have limited time and get to pick and choose my clients based on the types of service that they are looking for, and that way I continually work with businesses that I know I am helping a lot.

So – Local search optimization on your website as a page or on Google as a local business can be extremely powerful and bring in a lot of highly targeted clients to your door – easily.

set up a meeting to find out more from me.

Johannesburg Website Design Local Listings

Getting your website to rank on a local search term, like the one I am targeting here “website design Johannesburg” is not just about putting up a page that had great SEO on your website.

A page or post alone is unlikely to get your website ranking for that specific keyword.

You need to have been to Google places/maps and have set up your business there under that exact keyword.

Then you need to verify the listing and add all the details.

This needs to be done carefully to be in a position to be able to beat out any competition.

Then you need to have set up a g mail address – with your keyword again – and use that to open a Google plus business page.

Verify that too, and then go another level deeper and do the same registration of a YouTube channel that is also verified and correctly set up.

Now that is just the groundwork.

From there you need to follow a carefully laid out path of content creation and content publishing so as to get noticed by the Google machine.

After a period of time you will then be ranking for the strongest local search keywords that are being looked up by your buyers.

Easy huh?

Will my local Johannesburg website efforts affect my country wide listings?

This answer can go both ways.

If you just set up your website design to only target a local search keyword then your pages are not likely to rank very well for other bigger country wide searches.

But, to overcome this all you need to do to your website is set up a different silo structure and then target those bigger country keywords and sooner or later your website will rank for those keywords too.

It all comes down to the initial planning of your website structure and a decent website designer will know exactly how to build it for you with those requirements in mind.