Blogging Website

Blogging Website

Blogging can be for profit or just for fun – it is your choice.

However I say this – If you are blogging publicly and are actively looking for an audience then why not set up your blog web design to attract an income at the same time?

I have a dozen different blogging business ideas I could share with you.

Old style blogs are really the new websites of today as the search engines started to favor those active websites (blogs) and this let to the massive growth of WordPress as a content management system for all styles of websites.

If you asked me to design you an old fashioned HTML/PHP style website, I would simply refuse, as it would be very bad advice to have one of those old sites.

So, with the power of WordPress your blogging website could be shopping orientated, be affiliate linked, do CPA and a number of other income generating business methods that work very well online.

But why are you still reading this when you could tell me your immediate needs from a web design point of view and I will help you ptoduce exactly the website or blog that you are looking for.

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Amazon Website

Amazon Website

When I say “Amazon” website I really mean two different types of website designs here – let me explain.

You could build a website designed to solely promote amazon products for a commission and be very successful with that business model.

Equally you could build a shop styled website that has your own or other peoples products for sale on the actual site – not where you direct the visitor to another site to buy.

There are a few obvious differences that would affect the layout of your website, but the placement of those elements would be something we would discuss in a design meeting.

The real question is what style of website would we be discussing before we decide what elements to place where.

The look of a product or shopping orientated site is normally very visual and often had PayPal and a shopping cart system integrated.

All those elements would affect your quotation, so it pays to set up a meeting via Skype or phone first to see if I can supply your business with the website design that you need.

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Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Corporate Websites are generally all about Branding

The bigger a business becomes the more they have a brand already established and really need the website to stand to reinforce the brand and image.

However there would be a lot of other details that have to be very clear on a corporate or big business website design, as people expect to find that info easily.

Navigation tops everything, a visitor will need to find all links easily available.

Second on the list or directions, contact details and phone numbers. Again, if a visitor arrives at a corporate website and does not easily find the contact details or branch/store details they are likely to be calling you irritated instead of calling you happy.

Which would you prefer?

If you are here thinking that you need a business website in this corporate mold and are really looking for a website that brings you leads they are two totally different websites.

Do not get me wrong, if a product is strong enough you can combine the two, but generally it is better to have a separate lead generating website to your corporate site.

What you really need to do is to set up a call with me to ask a few questions as to how I can give your business the style of website that you need.

Use the contact page to call me or email me.

Resume Website

Resume Website

Your personal brand online is so important to your future

I am not kidding – there will come a time soon where your investments, job prospects, new contracts, partnership and even your marriageability is dependent upon your online profile.

Imagine going to the most important meeting, or interview of your life and the first question you get asked is why your online information is so negative.

You will be on the back foot from the very beginning, when all you needed to have done was build your own personal website.

Personal websites can supply the first ten of twenty results when your name is searched for.

I could show you how to be the first 50 results – if you are that important.

The point is that you can control the content that is on your website and power that website and other properties to show your skills in the best light onloine.

How can that ever be a bad thing?

To find out what the best options are for building your own resume website – Use the contact me page here on this website

Restaurant Website

Restaurant Website

A restaurant is perhaps one of the strongest local search businesses that there is online.

Most of the time a search for a restaurant will include a suburb or city, and that makes local search very necessary for a coffee shop or restaurant.

The good news is that it is very easy to rank highly for local search as there are some set methods that you can do and just like magic – you are getting all the bookings.

What you need to see happen is for your business to rank on the correct local search keyword or keywords, so as to maximize the visitor traffic.

Restaurants also need a stunning website (that looks good enough to eat) that has the simplest navigation.

People have miniscule patience when it come to what they expect from a website.

Your operating hours, your phone number, your dress code, your booking policy, your menu’s etc all need to be so easy to find that they person loves your food before that have even been into your restaurant.

I would need to discuss all your options with you relating to the finer points of your website or your website re-do.

Local search is perhaps the most important, but your social media marketing etc could triple your bookings with regulars if handled right.

So, save yourself more reading time and do one of the next three option.

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