This Is My Story

Quite simply I am addicted to a combination of things that make it the perfect setup for Internet marketing and Website design.

I am creative, I love business ideas and seeing how the mechanics of marketing applies differently to each business.

I have found a way to make my living by applying these skills and find my only restrictions are time and my perfection issues.

I divide my time three ways.

I do Internet marketing for myself.

I allow time with my family

I build website properties and do online marketing for clients – I also include coaching in that category.

I only use WordPress as my website content management system – because they are the best by far

What I do that is different online, I mean different to common website designers, is that I take the concept of doing a website as a primary means of income and plan that web property from all forms of initial research into the niche, people demographics, keyword research and products that can be supplied to those buyers already searching for things.

I then build a carefully structured website designed upon three things

1. It must be well ranked in the search engines for hundreds of different keywords all strong keywords related to the primary income product.

2. The website must look good and navigate easily – to keep the potential buyer doing what you need them to do.

3. All those website properties must lead to your bank account.

4. this is the treasure hunt link 🙂 (to find out what this means go and see it here

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Online Marketing

Online marketing is so far from placing the right adverts online that it has become one of the fastest growing business niches.

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Website Design

Your website is the pivotal point where your entire image, brand and business is exposed as your representation. Do it right or not at all. Your entire business depends upon this item!

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Social Media Marketing

Your online exposure has become so social that those who are doing it wrong or doing it badly are going to lose out to never and smaller businesses that are socially adept.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation has become a marketing necessity online. The old marketing options are fast becoming obsolete and savvy business owners are getting a big advantage.

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